Day 22 Sunday June 27

Weather in Fairbanks was warm with broken clouds. 50 miles south of Fairbanks it started to rain so I stopped and put on my First Gear suit. Later I added the fleece jacket liner.

Ate lunch at Alaska Mary’s (we got the last two hamburgers they had!) . Jim put his spare gas into his tank to get him the 30 miles to Trapper Creek. The RT tank was on reserve when we arrived there.  Traffic flowed in pulses, so the intervals in between them were easy going.

In Anchorage we found a motel w/kitchenette room, and checked in. Jim will stay here while I go to El Paso and he can cook some meals in the room.  Called Ken and Tarja, and we met them at about 7:40 PM for dinner at Guido’s Pizza - good dinner and good conversation and company.

Jim and Ken will get my bike to the dealer tomorrow for the 12,000 mile service and two new Metzeler MEZ4 tires. Odometer shows 13,576 miles (4466 miles since I left El Paso).  Overnight at Fairbanks, Alaska


Day 23 Monday June 28

En-route to El Paso via Seattle and Los Angeles - Onboard Alaska Airlines Flt # 84 to LAX from Anchorage:

The Alaska Ride is exciting and it’s going well. the anxiety of Jim’s meeting up with me, the anticipation of the cruise on the Ferry, and the worry of riding on gravel roads to the Arctic Circle are behind me. The rest of the trip should be pretty rutine.

I am looking forward to going fishing with Ken and Jim for King Salmon and the Halibut boat charter in Homer will be fun.

I want to go back to Fairbanks and ride to Prudhoe Bay, but my experience tells me that I need a ride partner and Jim doesn’t want to do it. So, unless I find a ride partner within the next ten days, we’ll just ride back thru Canada to the “lower 48” via Sweetgrass, Montana.


Day 24 Tuesday June 29 - El Paso, Texas

Day 25 Wednesday June 30 - El Paso, Texas

Day 26 Thursday July 1 - El Paso, Texas

En-route to Anchorage via Los Angeles and Seattle.


Day 27 Friday July 2

Had lunch with Tarja and Ken and Jim: Polish Sausage from a cart on the street near Tarja’s work. Delicious - I enjoy a good sausage sandwich. The RT was ready by 5 PM and I walked over to get it.  Dinner with Ken, Tarja, and Jim at a Mongolian BBQ place - delicious.  Overnight at Anchorage, Alaska


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